Who We Serve

Washington State Employees

Our firm exclusively works with Washington State employees and their families. We are experts in the TRS, PERS & SERS pension systems and understand how to coordinate all of your employer-specific benefits so that you can have a smooth transition into retirement.

near retirement

We specialize in serving state employees who are already retired or plan to retire in the next 5 years. This allows us to focus on the unique challenges and needs of retirees. Timing your Plan 3, DCP & 403b withdrawals with your pension &  Social Security income to ensure you don’t overpay the IRS or have to pay extra for Medicare are a few of the challenges we help with. 

diligent savers

The families we serve are dedicated savers and have accumulated a retirement nest egg of at least $300,000. We’ve found that significant savings and investments create many 􀀁financial and tax planning opportunities. We’ll help you make sure this money lasts throughout your retirement and that you don’t leave the IRS a tip along the way. 

looking for a trusted advisor

The families we serve understand that the success of their retirement is far too important to do it themselves. Therefore, our clients tend to delegate and recruit us to help design and implement their retirement plans. They are looking to form committed relationships with an advisor. It is our intention to always continue to earn the privilege of serving them and their families.

appreciates their time

The families we serve recognize that their time is their most valuable asset, and know that getting expert help will allow them to spend more of their valuable time doing things they enjoy. Our clients understand there’s more to life than the rate of return or the size of their portfolio. “Quality of life,” “freedom,” and “peace of mind” are important phrases when thinking about financial planning and financial goals.