About Us

Ethan Meikle, CDAA


I’m originally from the Big Island of Hawaii and grew up in a small town called Hawi. Growing up I enjoyed playing many different sports as well as hunting and fishing. My absolute favorite sport was Track and Field. My best events were the 800M and the High Jump. I was fortunate to win the BIIF High Jump Championship in 2010 with a jump of 6’4 which also set a new championship and Island record that still stands to this day.

After high school, I followed my Track and Field passion to Ellensburg, Washington where I attended Central Washington University to get my degree in finance. I competed for the Wildcats all 4 years I was there and got to try out so many new events and made many friends along the way.

While attending CWU I met my wife Carolyn. Currently, we live in Selah and have three beautiful daughters. Our Twins Aria & Charlotte were born at just 32 weeks old and spent 4 weeks in the NICU before being able to come home. After surviving that journey we welcomed our 3rd daughter Merryn, into our family and thought having one couldn’t be as bad. She continues to make us question that logic every day. 

When I’m not wrangling kids I enjoy going camping, hunting, and fishing. I still go back to Hawaii at least once a year to visit family and get some deep-sea fishing in.

 I have had the privilege of coaching Track & Field at Selah High School since 2015 and really love working with these young athletes and helping them achieve success both on and off the field.  Coaching has given me a whole new appreciation and respect for this sport and I continue to learn new things each year. Every spring you can be sure to find me at the track every day of the week.

I started my career working for AXA Equitable back in 2015. They introduced me to working with teachers and trained me to become a retirement benefits specialist. Alongside my Partner Shireen Sharma we grew our business to serve over 300 households and won multiple company awards. We were just starting the training process to become managers for AXA when we decided to give it all up to launch our own independent firm.

We created Scenic Financial in 2018 to pursue our dream of creating a better way to serve our clients without any of the rules and restrictions that large institutions impose on their advisors and clients. I started a YouTube channel in February 2020 as a way to help promote more education to state employees.

Shireen Sharma, MBA


From a very young age, I have always found problem-solving to be an integral part of my life and education. Taking a situation in its entirety and finding the best solution to navigate through seems to be a general theme of life. After completing psychology as an undergraduate, I pursued my MBA and entered the finance business. Being able to dissect problems and implement the right strategies for people is now a career I am proud to share with my partner and this firm!

I have spent most of my life in Washington state, growing up with my family who are still settled here, and I feel very fortunate to be able to help not only the people around me but anyone who finds themselves questioning and worrying over what their retirement and financial future looks like. I believe everyone at some point has these concerns, and I am happy to be an avenue they can use for help, to answer questions, to make their plans, and alleviate their worry!