Our 5-Step System For Success

Step 1 – Initial Strategy Meeting

As a Washington State employee, you have a unique retirement situation with many great benefits and options. Our initial strategy meeting is designed to get to know you better and help answer your specific questions.

This consultation is 60 minutes and is conducted over Zoom. There is a fee of $299 to schedule a consultation with our office. While many firms will claim to offer a free meeting or free financial plan, it’s often like the free dinner at a timeshare presentation that ends with a very hard sell. Instead, just like your doctor, we charge for our time so that we can focus solely on your needs and NOT selling you a product.

However, unlike your doctor, if at the end of this process You don’t feel you received value worth multiples of our fee, we will refund 100% of our fee.

Step 2 – Financial Planning Proposal

After our initial strategy meeting, you may choose to take the next step and continue working with us. We have a 12-month financial planning contract that allows us to continue helping you get everything in order. This involves at least 6 meetings and reviewing your Financial documents such as your tax returns to ensure you are taking advantage of every tax planning opportunity.

Your investment for this plan depends on the complexity of your situation for a 12-month agreement. This plan is also covered by our money-back guarantee. If you don’t find value in our advice we will refund 100% of your investment. Everything will be made transparent before any commitments are made.

Step 3 – Plan Development

We construct objectives, timelines and collect any outstanding information. We research solutions, brainstorm strategies that would work best for your situation, and organize a plan. After we take we have finished analyzing your documents we develop a one-page executive summary of all your financial documents that includes meaningful information.

Step 4 – Plan Delivery & Deployment

Discuss options and custom recommendations designed to help you meet your goals. Deliver the actual written financial plan, and work with you and your other professionals to implement designated action items. We also run your tax return through our 57-point checklist to look for accuracy and any additional opportunities to make sure you don’t overpay the IRS.

Step 5 – Ongoing Strategy Meetings

After the plan has been implemented we will continue to monitor and update it as needed. While lots of the initial work may be done making sure things get implemented correctly and making adjustments as life events happen, are still critical parts to be successful. We will continue to meet no less than 2 times each year to review your goal progress, answer questions and help you develop strategies based on changing financial, family, or tax situations.